Charity of the Year – Years…

We are so incredibly grateful to all the fabulous workers at West Pharmaceuticals in St Austell who choose to support Just Breathe Cornwall and make us their Charity of the Year. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, theres more epic news! The West company work on a 3 year rotation which means we are their charity for the next 3 years! How fantastic is that!!!

We were invited to take a look around and we were surprised and truly grateful for the amazing work they do.

West Pharmaceuticals have a really close connections with Cystic Fibrosis, as they make several vital pieces of medical equipment that people with CF rely on to stay well. Inhalers, glucose monitors, insulin pens and vials to name but a few. Walking around the factory was like walking around my kitchen.

To have such generous support will make a massive difference to what we are able to provide to those with CF here in Cornwall.

Our Personal Training packages have been really successful and therefore, this additional funding means will will be able to roll the program out to more children and adults.

Research proves that exercise is vital for keeping the lungs healthy and we are now a step closer to reaching more families.

€5000 🥳

Thank you

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