About CF

Hi I’m Morgan and I’m 14 years old. I like playing football and cricket, riding my mountain bike, taking my dog for long walks and being on my Ipad – I guess in that way I’m not that different to most boys my age. Unlike them though, I do all this between lots of hospital visits, coughing fits and I’m often short of breath because of this annoying thing I was born with called Cystic Fibrosis.

It means I have to spend a lot of my day taking medicine and doing physio to keep my lungs healthy. My mum goes on at me a lot to get off my Ipad and do something more active! I usually listen because it’s more annoying when I get a chest infection and get stuck in a hospital room with her for a week at a time!

Anyway, CF pretty much sucks and there a quite a few other kids like me in Cornwall who all have to put up with it! Whilst there are some clever people working hard on it, there’s no cure right now. Mum says if you want more details about CF you should visit www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk

Z Morgan 1