Morgan completes 2.5 mile run and helps a little girl in the process.

Morgan is 15 and has Cystic Fibrosis.

In October he took part in the Junior Great South run. His second ever competitive race.

Morgan completed the race in 9 minutes & 33 seconds, which is a fantastic achievement considering his lung function had dropped to 40% last year. Morgan has been concentrating on his fitness and has only been running since July this year. He’d always found running a real struggle because of his reduced lung function. However, since joining the gym he has had the confidence to push himself further. His first run was a 1 mile run in Sticker where he came 5th, which inspired him to carry on. This next race was 1/2 a mile further and he did it in an even faster time. He is now training for the 10 mile Great South Run next year.

Morgan knows what it’s like to struggle not only with running but with anxiety too, so when he saw a young girl, on a previous race, completely freeze and refuse to go any further, he could empathise and felt the need to help her in some way.

Morgan said “she was so close to the finish line, I couldn’t bear to see her not complete it”

Morgan stepped in and took his little dog, Lottie, over to her, in the hope this would distract her from her fears and enable her to complete the race.

Thankfully it worked and they crossed the finish line with smiles all round.

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