Pasties for Pooches are a big hit for Pooches everywhere!

Morgan is well on his way to Manchester City performance training camp this summer.  He tells us it’s all booked for the 19 August and he is busy working out to be at fit as he possibly can be in preparation.  He has sold an enormous amount of dog treats, raising over £100 for Just Breathe Cornwall and has had some amazing donations from kind people who have read his story, giving him the full amount to fund his trip.  Anything he now raises he says will go towards his on going personal training, equipment and travel.  Morgan’s story has reached people far and wide, so far, the furthest we have heard it’s reached is as far as China!  This is brilliant, not only for Morgan but it has also helped raise great awareness for Cystic Fibrosis and has led to us receiving extremely kind donations to Just Breathe, and all thanks to Morgan and his innovate enterprise.  Continue the hard work Morgan and follow your dream!  Thank you to everyone who has and is still supporting Morgan – it’s an exciting journey.  For those that haven’t found Morgan on social media, you can follow his story on Facebook ‘Pasties for Pooches’ Page or on Twitter @MorganCoxhead


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