Pasties for Pooches

Morgan, aged 14 is a brilliant Goalkeeper and is not going to let Cystic Fibrosis get in the way of his ambition. Morgan is determined to be the first person with Cystic Fibrosis to become a professional footballer. When Morgan went to visit Manchester City training ground a few months ago he heard about a summer school that runs. A week’s residential where you train like a pro amongst Man City’s state of the art facilities. The only downside is that it costs £1200 plus travel. Morgan knew if he wanted to go he’d have to find the money, so came up with the idea of making and selling dog treats! He said, “It seems, everyone in Cornwall has a dog and everyone has a love for Pasties”, so he combined the two- Genius! Morgan is selling them for £2 per bag. Orders went crazy and he’s now sold over 130 bags. For each bag sold Morgan said he would like to donate 50p to Just Breathe Cornwall and has now raised £65 which is an amazing achievement. Even Joe Hart (England Goalie) approves!

If anyone would like to purchase a bag please get in touch. We can arrange some pick up points if need be. As sadly postage cost £2.90 whether one bag is bought or 10 bags are bought. However, if you are outside of Cornwall we can arrange delivery so it would be better to buy multiple bags to save on postage.

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